Faithful customers, who return for repeat purchase, can be the difference between a business that succeeds, and a business that fails.

Relationship Marketing is a vital business skill that every entrepreneur must possess. Taking care of customers must be a key priority for every business owner.

There are simple, cost-effective methods to engage with your customers and create longevity in your relationships with them. It is worth exploring the advantages of having a Relationship Marketing strategy in place, and the many who use it benefit from an effective day- to- day running of their businesses.

There are many frugal ways of implementing a Relationship Marketing strategy, including:

  • The effective use of the telephone
  • The benefits of direct mail campaigns
  • The importance of face to face relationships
  • Creating loyalty schemes
  • Making effective use of the Internet

At Fusion Central Marketing we offer Seven tips on how to build lasting relationships and reap the limitless rewards of customer loyalty.

This is a practical, common sense guide illustrated with tried and tested methods and plenty of real-life examples. Our tips and advice for this have been said to be “refreshingly down to earth, demand a low budget, and if carried out effectively, can result in a very high ROI.”

“People buy from People”

Genuine direct contact is one of the most effective methods of creating lasting relationships. Here are three tried and tested successful methods on how to engage your customer through face- to- face contact:

1. Give a little back – Offering free talks in your area of speciality can be extremely effective. The loyal customer and the prospective loyal customer are receiving valuable knowledge for free and instant feelings of good will are established. It is also a good opportunity for networking and possible new product research.

2. Be special, feel special – Inviting your customers to a special event can make them feel valued and privileged. Inviting them to a product launch or to celebrate a special anniversary of your company will make them feel appreciated, and involved. This, in turn, will lead to brand loyalty and excellent “word of mouth” marketing.

3. Exhibit, Network, Learn – Small businesses are not likely to think of exhibitions as their “thing.” This is a mistake, as exhibitions can benefit the smallest of businesses. Attending or organising an exhibition for local businesses in your area can not only drum up new sales, but can also give you an opportunity to meet with, and learn from your competitors.

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