You might be thinking there’s surely some mistake with this title. Gaining new or more customers should entail at least a slight bit of advertising right? In the grand scheme of marketing and boosting your business, advertising is a great way to reach out to new customers. However, we’re here to show you how you can reach out and gain new customers without reaching too deep into your pocket for advertising costs.

Business Promotions

Having an effective Promotion can produce and deliver profits to any business owner. But the problem is that the majority of entrepreneurs commonly mistake promotion as marketing.

This is a major misconception, and understanding this could be the difference between staying where you are and growing significant awareness and an increase in your sales.

Marketing vs Business Promotions

Marketing is organised and arranged in Eight key elements which are called the Marketing Mix:

  • The Four P’s: Preparation, Persuasion, Projection and Propagation.
  • The Four C’s: Customers, Costs, Competition and Capacity. 

You can see that, rather than promotion being marketing, it is merely one of the Eight constituent parts that make up Marketing.


Promotions, while can be done through different agencies and paid mediums can be done without dipping deep into your pockets. All it needs is understanding and taking care of your customers’ needs and expectations, thus creating a reputable brand for your business.

Co-founder of Fusion Central Marketing, Abdullah Ali Ahmadi has more than 30 years of business experience and has worked with countless of businesses, uplifting their systems to generate customers and understand them in a level that they haven’t done before.

So, we know you’re dying to ask, how can you attract customers without traditional adverts? We’ve taken the top Three tips from Abdullah’s book  “Customers Without Advertising”:

1. Presentation – The language and quality of your brand must be in align with the business you are providing, i.e. affordable or premium, and must reflect the expectations and perceptions you want your core customers to have of your brand. This was they know what to expect when buying into you and your products and will continue to be a loyal member of your community.

2. Word of Mouth – The three ingredients for creating a complete image for your business are: brand image, product image and personal image. These need to reflect and be compatible with each other for brand consistency. This gives customers the confidence to recommend your business to other people and generate potential customers for you, with little monetary investment on your end.

3. Consistency: This is important because customers need the reassurance that they can come back and buy the same or similar products or services from you whenever they need to. They don’t like businesses that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Your customer is the driving force for your business, catering to their needs and leaving a lasting positive impact on them will create a longer return on investment than any unplanned advertising scheme. The way that your customers perceive your business affects how they can promote via recommendations and word of mouth about your enterprise.

For more information about attracting new customers by getting to know your existing ones better, contact Fusion Central Marketing for help. Also see “Customers Without Advertising” and other books here: