Video Production

Read on to see how a video can help your business


Video receives 1200% more shares than text and imagery combined online!

We can help your business become the star of a high quality video with our in house videography team. View below the main processes we go through when we develop your idea into a video. All of our videos are created with the modern world in mind which means they are suitable to be viewed on devices from laptops to phones to make sure your video gets the reach it deserves.


Come and meet our video experts and spend time with them helping build the full picture of what you want your video to say! After the session the team will be fuelled with enough coffee and inspiration to turn the threads of information you feed them into a beautifully interwoven story in the next part of the process, the storyboard.


After our discovery session our video team create you a beautiful storyboard so you can see how your video is beginning to take shape, this is where you get to include any shots you wish the team to capture and help set the tone for your video.


It’s filming time! Our crew will turn up with all the camera equipment they need to ensure your video comes out looking like its ready for the red carpet. Our passionate team will be at your business until they are satisfied they have captured everything they need to set you apart from the rest.


We believe every one has a story to tell, and we love telling stories. We will sit and sift through all the footage captured on the day of filming, spend time beautifully crafting it into a story ensuring everything from the colour to the background music and sound reflects you and your business.


Once we feel we have your story captured and perfected it’s time for you to draw the curtains, grab the popcorn sit back and watch your very own premiere before revealing to the world your new masterpiece.

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Harry Dempster as a videographer in one word is fantastic! I can always rely on Harry to put together some amazing content. He is always on time and ready when you are and most importantly gets stuck in when it is time to work. Harry really does mange to capture some great moments in his clips and I have experienced that first hand. I will only ever use Harry for my clips on social media and other business ventures. I find that his editing skills are amazing and really captures the perfect end product even down to his music choice. So I highly
recommend harry for his skills behind the camera.

Digby Edgley