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Read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions and see if they can help you, if not use the contact form above and one of our team will be in contact shortly.

Does my business need to be running?

Absolutely not! We can help you with all your needs if you are looking to create a new business idea and want advice, get in contact today tos see what packages we can offer to help your business hit the ground running!

Do I need a website already?

if you are looking for a website to be designed from us then you will not require a website, if you wish us to review SEO then you will need a website for us to look at.

For websites do I need to purchase hosting and domains?

As part of your discovery session we will see what is needed to be purchased for your site and all costs will be included in your Fusion quote, letting you get on running your business. We can purchase domains and offer hosting for all of our websites if you wish.

Do I need any branding?

No! We can completely design your brand for you from fonts to colours, logos and anything you may need to get your company seen and remembered. Alternatively if you do have branding but wish for it to be refreshed or redesigned then we can also do that for you.