We are in our element when we are evolving brands, building bespoke website designs and working together to create and implement successful marketing campaigns.





Ways We Can Help You

Fusion is a blend of three core services to help your business to grow

Business Coaching 

Starting and running a business can be tough, you have to be a one person team at times. Running everything from your product, the accounts, marketing, social media, paperwork, planning, reviewing and everything in between.

Fusion can help you by being your business coach, working alongside you to help you grow and evolve. We’ll have regular meetings with you to help you go through any areas you think you may need a hand or where you want to expand next. 

You’ll also get a discount on any of our other packages.

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Your potential customers start building their idea of your business as soon as they see your name and logo, everything from the font, quality, colours help them build an idea of who you are. If it looks cheap and homemade but you are trying to sell a premium brand then they may not take you seriously. Equally if your brand looks premium but you are trying to be cheap and cheerful then this could give customers the wrong idea. 

Strong Branding creates awareness, if all of your marketing outlets are all branded the same then your brand will be remembered more. Fusion can help with our branding services, whether you are a new company and require a full branding kit developed or an existing company who would like a refresh or even a free review, contact Charlee today.



Web Design

With the world around us becoming increasingly virtual, a website is increasingly vital in todays market to help companies be seen.

Don’t worry yet, you don’t have to go learn websites yourself, let Fusion help with our affordable monthly custom websites that help you carry on running your business and dealing with customers why Fusion get’s you started on the online world.

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Blue Line Coaching

I was bowled over by Abdullah’s business advice and wanted more. It was a real privilege to experience his unique brand of support and coaching style, something that both I and my fledgling business  benefited from greatly over the 12 months that we worked together. I would strongly recommend Abdullah to anyone in business looking to grow.

Real Piano Company

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful insights on Friday at our meeting to discuss marketing of our business.

I walked in feeling uncertain and rather demoralised from being bombarded with concepts of internet marketing… and taking no action.

I walked out feeling inspired, with a clear purpose and direction. I felt it was within my capabilities.  Quite simply you empowered me, thank you, thank you, thank you.

That afternoon I began transcribing our interview into a word document and taking action one stage at a time. Thank you.

Phil Smith Managing Director Business West

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done for us over a number of years in assisting clients, reinforcing Business West’s reputation for providing excellent service and helping us achieve our targets.

We are committed to helping business of all sizes develop and grow. We regularly attend networking events in our area and are members of many online directories and accounts such as the UK small business directory and Tipped